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This is an information page that will help you to upload an existing sound pack and provides tips on how to create your own.

In the "Sound packs" section, you will find existing sound packs available for download.

If you have sound files for various locomotives and want to try creating your own sound pack, you will need a decoder emulator for PC that simulates the decoder's operation and helps you to create and test your own sound pack even without the actual sound decoder. See the "Decoder emulator" section.

For the proper operation of the sound decoder, the most important thing is the sound file's name, based on which the file will be mapped to a specific locomotive model's functions, and its sound playback type will be assigned. In the "Web Generators" section, you will find a helper for creating the correct file name.

Additionally, the "Web Generators" section will help you in creating a "map.txt" file, which will assign light output mapping to specified decoder functions and a helper for creating a "logic.txt" file, which allows a basic automation of sound function playback based on different events or other functions.


Sound packs

  1. Electric locomotive EP08

  2. Diesel locomotive BR232

Decoder emulator


You can create and test the playback of your own sound packs on your computer without the need to upload files to the decoder. To do this, you need to download and install the decoder emulator software on your computer.
The emulator allows you to control a virtual locomotive using simple text commands and change some CV variables.

List of commands:

  < Function Number>: Turns function on or off.
  S < Speed %>: Set the current speed of the virtual locomotive.
  estop: Activates the emergency brake function.
  cv < CV number > = < value>: Changes the value of a CV variable.

Download Decoder Emulator

Web generators

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