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DCC Booster


RailBOX DCC Booster is designed to control railroad models that are equipped with DCC decoders and accessory decoders.This Booster is a pure DCC booster that supports Railcom® protocol.No other protocols (e.g. Märklin® Mfx®) are supported!

Important: RailBOX DCC Booster must not be used in systems that operate in a common ground principle; otherwise it can lead to the damage of the Booster and/or the Command Station.

Main functions:

· active Railcom® with option to disable

· short circuit detection on tracks

· independently enable / disable (Start / Stop) by Button and synchronize with the status of the Command Station

· DCC signal taken from the output of the DCC Command Station or directly from the tracks

Technical parameters:

· Dimensions 90 x 110 x 45 mm

· Power supply voltage: 7-24V DC / 3A (Power supply 19V is included)

· The DCC output - 17V max 3A

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