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Loco Sound Decoder



DCC Wi-Fi sound loco decoder RB 2300 is designed to control HO scale locomotive models in digital mode (DCC) with the ability to play sounds. The decoder comes with a Plux22 or NEM652 connector, has a built-in Wi-Fi module for recording sounds without buying additional hardware or installing software, and a backEMF function for smooth engine control. The decoder works in accordance with the DCC standard and supports the Railcom ® protocol

Basic functions:

· The decoder supports addresses 1-10239

· Group addresses for multiple traction (consist) 1-127

· Support F0-F12 for function outputs and up to F28 for sounds

· Support 28 or 128 speed steps

· Ability to program CV on the main track (PoM) and on the programming track

· Supports Railcom ® protocol

· Ability to easily configure the decoder via RailBOX: Railroad Control mobile application

· Back-EMF System (allows control smoothly at low speeds)

· 9 function outputs and 3 logic outputs

· Output mapping and lighting effects

· Possibility to connect an external UPS capacitor to ensure uninterrupted operation on dirty tracks or when driving through jturnouts without a powered crossover (UPS capacitor 470uF 25V is included)

· Possibility to connect up to two model serwomotors (e.g. for controlling pantographs)

· Ability to enable/disable Wi-Fi via DCC function

· Ability to update the decoder software via Wi-Fi without the need to open the model

· A web server for uploading your own audio files through the browser without the need to purchase additional hardware and/or installing software

· Pre-installed basic sound package for electric, steam and diesel locomotives

· Synchronization of a sound with the current speed of the locomotive

Technical parameters:

· Decoder dimensions-30 x 16 x 6.5 mm (NMRA Plux22 Standard)

· Decoder power supply-7-22V (DCC)

· Maximum output load-0.5 A

· Motor instantaneous load- 2.5 A

· Continuous motor load - 1A

· Maximum total output load for model servomotors: - 0.5 A

· Wi-Fi: standard 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)

· Sound:

         · 6MB of internal memory (total length up to 350 sec)

         · Supported audio formats: PCM, ADPCM

         · Sampling rate: 8kHz, 16kHz, 32kHz and 44.1 kHz

         · Number of bits per sample: 16

         · Maximum power for speaker output 2.5 W (4Ohm) (speaker with resonance chamber is included)

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