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DCC Wi- Fi Command Station


Command Station RB 1110 is designed to control model trains equipped with DCC decoders and to operate accessory decoders (crossing decoders, servo decoders, etc.).) . Compliant with the NRMA DCC standard, supports XpressNet ® version 3.6, LocoNet ®, lenzlan and z21 ® protocols over Wi-Fi and S88-N and RS bus for feedback sensors. Control can be performed using a tablet (smartphone) with the RailBOX: Railroad control mobile application installed (or another, e.g. Roco z21 ®) or an additional manipulator compatible with XpressNet ® , LocoNet ®.

Command Station RB 1110 has one XpressNet ® port, S88-N, RS-bus, LocoNet ® , micro USB and a built-in Wi-Fi module .

Basic functions:

·    Supports up to 32 locomotives (addresses from 1 to 9999)

·    Ability to connect up to 31 XpressNet ® devices (e.g. Lokmouse, Multimaus, Rocomouse, Lenz LH-01, Lenz LH100, Lenz LH90)

·    Ability to connect manipulators via LocoNet ® bus (e.g. FRED, Piko SmartControl ® )

·    Easy control using an interactive map in RailBOX: Railroad Control App

·    Support accessory addresses from 1 to 1023

·    Read and write CV on Programming track, POM and POM ACC modes

·    Supports 28 and 128 speed steps and functions ranging F0 - F28

·    Supports feedback modules via RS bus and S88-N bus

·    Current indication of DCC supply voltage ( track voltage) - LED display (version with displays)

·    Current consumption indication-LED display (version with displays)

·    Command station has built-in Wi-Fi module.

Technical parameters:

·     Dimensions - 90 x 110 x 45mm

·     Power supply - 19V/3-5A DC

·     DCC Output - 17V max 3A


Note: Do not use power clips for tracks with a built-in capacitor (e.g. Piko 55270) or similar to work with DCC Command station. They are applicable for DC power supply of tracks and are not suitable for DCC impulse power supply. The use of such clips may cause damage to the DCC Command station, which will not be a subject to the repair service of the Command station as part of the customer complaint.

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