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Switch Decoder



RB 4310 is a universal DCC accessory decoder designed for controlling turnouts using bipolar motor drivers (e.g. Conrad 2201977), motor drivers for polarized crossovers, MTB motor drives, and coil motor drivers for controlling turnouts (Roco®, PIKO® and others) or semaphore signals (e.g. Viessmann 4500). The latest versions of the decoder (versions E and above) have a constant mode of switching on the outputs most convenient for lighting your model railroad.

Basic functions: 

•       Supports up to 4 motor drivers.

•       Power supply-directly from the tracks (DCC).

•       Acts as an accessory decoder (turnouts and semaphore signals)

•       Possibility of constant switching on the outputs in lighting mode (ver.E +)

•       Easy configuration via RailBOX: Railroad Control

•       Safe motor driver switching (e.g. the turnout can't stuck in the middle position)

•       Outputs for 2-position manual switches (analog mode)

•       Supports Railcom®protocol


Technical parameters:

•       Decoder dimentions - 50 x 45 mm.

•       Power supply - 12 - 20 V AC/DC or DCC.

•       Current consumtion per output - 25 mA (max 2A)

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