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Loco Decoder



RB 2212 loco decoder is designed to control HO scale locomotive models in digital (DCC) or analog mode. The decoder has a Plux22 connector or NEM652 connector, and has a BackEMF function. This decoder works in accordance with the latest DCC standard and supports the Railcom® protocol (versions with the gear symbol)

Basic functions:


·       The ability to set short or long type address for the locomotive.

·       Function control outputs with possibility to map it on functions F0 - F28

·       7 (version A and B) or 9 (version C and above) function outputs (version with Plux22 connector) or 5 function outputs (version with NEM652 connector)

·       Easy decoder configuration  via RailBOX: Railroad Control mobile app

·       Direction recognition (also in analog mode)

·       Lighting effects

·       Supported protocol formats: DCC / Analog (decoder does not support Motorola, Marklin, MFX protocols)

Technical parameters:

•       Decoder dimensions - 29 x 16 mm.

•       Power supply - 12 - 22 V AC/DC or DCC

•       Maximum continuous motor current consumption: 1.5 A

•       Maximum output load: 0.5 A

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