Crossing Decoder

This Accessory Decoder is a complete solution for controlling the railroad crossing on the Model Railroad.  


  • 3 PWM outputs. O1 and O2 by default are configured to perform periodical blinking as railroad crossing light does. 

  • 1 output for the speaker. When decoder activates the railroad crossing it will play the alarm sound. 

  • 1 track occupancy sensor which allows activating decoder on a specific railroad track when it is occupied by the train. 

  • 2 servomotor outputs which are working parallelly.  

  • 1 manual input. The external button could be connected to it for the manual control of the railroad crossing decoder. 

  • 3 potentiometers. Allows configuring of the upper and lower position on the servomotor as well as speeding of barrier’s opening or closing. 

  • DCC input. Allows configuring of the internal CV values and controlling a decoder from the command station. 

  • Power input. Allows decreasing of a current supply via DCC input from the command station. (Useful for the bigger scale Model Railroad). Should be connected to DCC inputs if the external power is not used.